This is a blog meant for discussion on how certain pages should be grouped into categories. I know there aren't many users at the moment, but if you come to the wiki, feel free to come by this blog page and discuss things a bit.

So, here are a few of my first questions:

  • Is the Walker considered a maker? I haven't found much background as to what he was prior to his curse, but I think it may be possible.
  • The Last Knight: spit or something else? Pretty sure he's a spit, since he talks and has feelings. I think I'm correct about this, but it's always good to double check.
  • Is the London Stone a character? This one's a little weird, because the Stone could be considered its own entity.

To whoever contributes to this page, thanks for the help. This wiki is meant to be a community, which I hope it becomes one day. That is why I'm striving to start some conversations and collaboration between users.

tankburger1235 (talk) 17:48, July 11, 2014 (UTC)

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