The Bull

The Bull is a taint that appears in the Stoneheart Trilogy. It is a part of the statue The Death of Dirce that lies near the Tate Britain art gallery in London. In the trilogy, the Bull is recruited by the Walker to help hunt George and Edie.


The Bull is a part of the statue The Death of Dirce. The bronze statue was made by Charles Bennett Lawes-Wittewronge and completed in 1906. This work of art is based off of the Farnese Bull, a Hellenistic sculpture depicting the Greek myth of the killing of Dirce.

There is actually a larger marble version of the same sculpture, also made by Lawes-Wittewrongue. It is on display at Rothamsted Research in Hertfordshire, England.


The Bull is the statue of a large bovine animal; its appearance is hardly different from that of an ordinary bull. In resemblence to the Farnese Bull, it has a naked woman tied to its back. Two men stand nearby the taint on the plinth, and the four figures are constantly struggling between each other.

As he looks at the statue, the Walker thinks that the ancient Greeks must have had fun thinking of ways to execute people.

Role In PlotEdit


The Bull is recruited by the Walker to help hunt George and Edie. The Walker tells the Bull about the Minotaur's death, which angers the taint.

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