Gargoyle-notre dame

A gargoyle watches over the city

A gargoyle is a statue that is common in the city of London. Gargoyles are typically stone or metal statues of animal-like creatures, often winged, that are built as decorative water spouts; their First Purpose is to direct rainwater off of a building.

The most known gargoyle in the Stoneheart Trilogy is Spout, a cat gargoyle from St. Pancras Station.

Appearance Edit

Gargoyles are usually animal-like; they have a combination of features from a number of animals, including bats, birds of prey, lions, goats, and dragons. Some might even have some human-like qualities to them. Gargoyles are grotesque in appearance, and are often ugly and menacing.

Abilities Edit

All gargoyles are taints, which means they lack the emotions that are attributed to human-like statues, or spits. They are among the most common taints in London, as they are present on many historic buildings.

Most gargoyles seem to be winged, and possess the ability to fly clumsily through the air. When in combat, they use their clawed hands and feet, as well as their wings, to fight. While they may be menacing, especially in groups, they have a weakness: they must return to their stand during rain, so as to carry out their First Purpose and direct water off of a roof.

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